Our Values

Heritage - Generations before us have given us knowledge, techniques but most of all, they have shared and passed on their love, their passion and a strong sense of belonging to our region, our land. Bordeaux. 


Team work - Wine making is a complex process and requires the expertise of a lot of people from different background. The men and women working at Chateau l’Orangerie blend their strengths, the same way we blend our wines.. We bring together individual’s qualities and potential to create a perfect balance.


Sharing - Whether with other French regions or across the world, our goal is the same: communicate our history, love, and way of life] to other wine lovers. At Chateau l’Orangerie, we invest in modern technologies to enhance the outstanding quality of our wines and efficiency of our wine making processes. We rely on our team’s collective innovation and creativity to deliver our wines in a traditional yet modern way.

Innovation - Challenging ourselves to be better, to strive for more is, to us a daily commitment. 

Responsibility - We appreciate what is given to us and we want to give it back. The winery has been operating responsibly and sustainably for several years, particularly in terms of waster and water management.


Colin Sheriffs

SARL Château de l'Orangerie

Lieu-dit "Jardinet"

33540 Saint Félix de Foncaude

Tel: + 33 (0)6 66 55 11 22

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Château l’Orangerie has been in the Icard family since 1790. Today, Jean Christophe owns and runs the winery.


L 'Orangerie is a room in the Chateau where in the 18th and 19th centuries the Icard  family stored orange and lemon trees during long and cold winters. At the time, orange trees were a sign of prestige for the countryside ‘bourgeoisie’.


As a child in the 1970's, Jean Christophe spent his time playing with his sisters and cousins in this big house. Among all the rooms, staircases and hallways, his favorite place was the mysterious Orangerie , full of old books, antique furniture and objects. Every year, during the holiday season, all the Icard children ‘conquered’ the Orangerie in which they had extraordinary adventures.


When Jean Christophe took over the family winery almost thirty years ago, he decided to change the name from Jardinet to Chateau l’Orangerie as a legacy of his childhood memories.


Our History

Famille Icard devant chateau
Fabrication oranger
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Malle du Capitaine Icard-002

Making Bordeaux wines has run in the family since 1790. Across the centuries, the techniques have elvolved and improved but the family know-how and the passion has been passed from one generation to another. Each cuvee is a unique blend of the best of the classic Bordeaux grape varieties.


Our job, as winemakers is to create a perfectly balanced wine, using the best of each grape varietal.

We produce AOC Bordeaux Rose, AOC Bordeaux Superieur and AOC Bordeaux Blanc




Our Wines 

Our Vineyard

Chateau l'Orangerie is located 30 miles from Bordeaux, in the Entre-deux-mers (between-two-seas) region. The vineyard benefits from the influence of two important rivers, Dordogne and Garonne.


The location's other advantage is its proximity to the Atlantic ocean and the Landes forest, protecting it from strong winds.

All these elements combined together create the ideal climate for grape growing characterized by a reasonably high level of humidity and by a high degree of sunshine  which proves to be ideal for the full development of our vines.

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